Financial aid
We are a well known lending and investment online marketplace that helps to connect borrowers and investors. Since we started, we have facilitated billions in loans to quality borrowers. We operate completely online and utilize technology to lower costs versus the traditional banking system. We pass the cost savings on to borrowers in the form of lower rates, and to investors in the form of solid returns. As with a mutual fund, our reputation rests on our track record of evaluating loans and accurately predicting performance. Whether you are investor or you are looking to lend some money for either business or even personal use. We can help you out by connect you with an investor who can provide you with the amount of money you need. It is important to note that for you to get a loan on our website; you need to qualify for a loan. There are several things that are required for you to qualify for the loan. One of these factors is providing us with your financial details and also a portfolio.

Investing with us
We always welcome investors to come and invest in our business. You can choose to invest in an entire loan or opt to invest in part of the loan. If you choose to invest in part of the loan, you will have reduced the risk. This can be from $25 and above. The part of the loan you invest in is referred to as a note and each note come in 36- or 60-month terms, depending on the term of the corresponding loan. When borrowers miss payments and loans become late, we use the best practices from the banking industry to bring delinquent loans back to "current" status. We charges investors one of the following collection fees, which is deducted from any amount recovered.

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If the loan is two weeks late and no litigation is involved, 20% of hourly attorneys' fees plus costs if litigation is included. We do not charge a collection fee if no payments are collected, and no collection fee will be charged in excess of the amount recovered. To learn more about our terms, please visit our terms page and get to learn more. We are always there to help you out, whether you are an investor or a lender. We always provide favorable terms to both our investors and lenders.

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